Child Custody Attorneys

Lansing Child Custody Attorneys

Divorce and child custody situations can create difficult and painful emotions for you, your spouse and your children. The child custody attorneys at Silverthorn, Hutchcroft & Associates are dedicated to providing sound legal advice and effective representation to individuals, couples and families who are involved in divorce and child custody matters in greater Lansing and Howell.

The process which determines who will be the custodial parent after a divorce can be traumatic for parents. This is truly unfortunate since most of these couples will continue to be active parents to their children for many years.

With years of experience, a distinguished reputation and a dedicated approach, our family law attorneys are more than capable of handling complex divorce and child custody legal issues. We offer individualized attention and dedicated service to each and every client. Our custodial rights attorneys are committed to getting to know you and involving you in the preparation and presentation of your case at every stage of the process.

For more information about the child custody attorneys at Silverthorn, Hutchcroft  & Associates, serving greater Lansing and Howell, or to schedule your free phone consultation, contact us today or call one of our convenient locations at 517.349.8259 in Lansing or 517.548.6767 in Howell.